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Production and Operations


Obeikan makes a wide range of packaging products. The majority of production is centred around Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.  Such a wide range that we tell anyone in Saudi Arabia that there is an Obeikan product in every home. We also have a Glass Factory in Yanbu and some production outside the Kingdom. Join one of our production teams and help make our products even better.



Strong Finance is essential any organisation of the size and diversity of Obeikan. We regularly have positions available at all levels as our company grows.




From Administrator to HR Business Partner, you are here to support our employees and managers at all levels. Roles also include Government Relations, Payroll and Employee Relations.


Sales and Marketing


As well as selling to a large base in the Kingdom and GCC, we export our products and services to over 60 countries. We believe in creating strong customer relationships in which we aim to become a trusted partner. Join us and help Obeikan and our clients grow.

Plant Technicians


As we need to run effective productions 24 hours a day we ned a wide range of people to manage the plant and the machinery. We are always looking to improve our Operational Effectiveness and we need ambitious and innovative people to help us drive down costs and drive up quality.



Obeikan is focussed on making decisions based on data.  This is driving our current drive towards digitisation in all aspects of business. Join us and help us make this a reality.



We have a wide range of back-office roles to make the machines of the company run efficiently. Roles can be in such diverse areas as general services, employee support, driving, catering or facilities maintenance and management.

Safety and Security


We pride ourselves on our security and safety records at Obeikan.  Join us and help us maintain our standards which are some of the highest in the region.



Obeikan is one of the leading publishers of books in the Kingdom. We also localise content and republish it. Join or growing team in Riyadh.



We design and deliver curriculum for the Ministries of Education in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and UAE. We need experienced educationalists. These roles are mainly for native Arabic speakers.

Procurement and Supply Chain


Whether it is in purchasing, warehousing, inventory or supply chain, these roles are all critical to ensuring that Obeikan can deliver cost effective products to our expanding client base.